How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Without The Overwhelm

As a business owner it is usually from your efforts alone that income is generated but what happens if you are sick, go on holiday does the money Stop!

For anyone who values financial security and ultimately desires financial freedom, creating at least one additional stream of income is no longer a luxury.

It has become a necessity.

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During this live TweetChat, we’ll cover:

• How to replicate or duplicate your services so you earn more for the same effort
• The different types of income streams you can add to your existing business
• How to tap into the hidden source of lucrative income making opportunities

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The Balance Myth With Maria Marinakis

So often, we hear people talk about wanting to achieve balance in their lives.  How do you balance work, career, finances, personal fulfillment, parenting, family, physical well-being, and spirituality?  I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.  What if the idea of having a utopian balanced life were all a myth?  Think about it.  Life is full of change and crises that help us challenge ourselves and grow.  If you’re like me, some days start out so nicely planned and end up with putting out one fire after the next.  So what about balance?  Where’s the balance?  Most days, we can feel like a hamster, spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.

I think it’s great to want to grow in all the areas of your life and it’s important to have a master blueprint of where you want to go, but it’s equally important to stay flexible enough to deal with what life throws in the way in the meantime.  I’ve written before about my master ‘to-do’ list, where I chunk activities into goal areas, say finance, career, projects, etc.  I give each area a title that excites me.  It’s hard to get excited about a life area that you title, “Dig Out of Debt.”  Think of something that will motivate and excite you to WANT to do the things that will get you there.  Here are some of my life area titles:  Home Sweet Home, Body Temple, Financially Fierce, Superstah Speaker, Marketing Maven, etc.

I set aside some time each week, usually Sunday night, to go through each category and think of as many things as I can do under each to get me closer to the final outcome I want to achieve.  I don’t sit and consider whether it’s feasible or not.  I just brainstorm everything I can think of, no matter how big or small.  Then, for the bigger items, I go back and break them down into smaller tasks.  Now, I have my road map.  Each evening, I review my list and prioritize the top 3 things I need to do the next day that will get me closer to my goals.  They may be simple things, like making a phone call, sending an email, etc.  The funny thing is, once I get rolling the next day, I actually end up accomplishing more than those 3 things.  Then, I move on to the next top 3 priorities.  Each evening, I review what I’ve accomplished and acknowledge myself for moving closer to the ultimate goals, no matter how small the baby steps.  By the end of the week, I’m amazed at how much progress I’ve made.

My friend, Dan Thurmon, who is an amazing speaker and juggler, uses juggling and balance in his talks as a metaphor for life and business.  He demonstrates and teaches his audiences to juggle, literally.  He talks about how most people think the art of juggling is difficult because they can’t imagine focusing on so many things at once.  He explains that, when juggling, as in life, he focuses on only one specific thing at a time–he just does it really, really fast!!

Dan’s motto is, ”Off Balance, On Purpose.”  He demonstrates some amazing balancing techniques (like juggling while riding a unicycle!) and explains how balance is a process of making constant small adjustments to keep from falling.  Visit his site for inspiration and watch some of his amazing videos at:

So, quit beating yourself up for not being able to do it all at once.  Just keep in mind that you only have to do one small thing at a time and learn to do that faster and faster while making small adjustments to stay on track.  Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to achieving all of your goals in every area of your life, while giving the outside world the illusion that everything is in balance!!  And you know, that’s exactly what balance is.

Maria M. Marinakis, Ed.M., LADC

Maria’s life and 20-year career in early childhood mental health, working with thousands of families, is devoted to developing great adult-child relationships.  She provides parent training in a fun, entertaining, energetic, and practical format that is easy for parents to understand and apply immediately.

The bottom line to successfully implementing any behavior management or parenting technique is building the foundation of a positive, healthy adult-child relationship. Maria would love to show you — proof positivethat you’re only 10 minutes away from a great relationship with your children!

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Decoding Your Wild Wisdom With Tracie Nichols

This Week’s #WOW is Soul Truth Expert Tracie Nichols. She is an alchemist for the earth. I first met Tracie via a mutual friend – as we both write for Its All About Yes Ezine (the online magazine for women in business). Tracie is a total earth mother and a champion of all women. Her gifts which she shares so generously, serve as a reminder to us all to listen to the wisdom of nature. It’s very apt that Tracie is the featured #WOW on 12-12-12

Tell me a little about you, your lifestyle and what you are passionate about.

I’m a woman dancing gleefully into my crone years, spending my life intuitively communicating with the unseen world. I’m particularly connected with the energies of the earth, or Gaia (after the Greek goddess who was the Great Mother of All).

No matter what I’m doing I love laughter – just ask my (amazing, wonderful, rockin’) clients. I’m passionate about LIFE – the amazing, vibrant force that animates us all – and doing everything I can to help every being thrive.

I have a master’s degree that gives me the tools to help people make significant life changes. My intuitive senses have been developed over nearly 25 years. (People tell me my intuitive guidance is clear, accurate, and helpful. How cool is that!?) My sacred partnership with the earth grounds me, keeps me present, and keeps things real.

I’m lucky enough to be Mom to 3 fascinating children and married to a very cool Renaissance man. We live in a (very small!) 250 year old farm house with Elrond, the magical cat. Someday we plan to live in an off-the-grid completely sustainable home. Little known fact? I LOVE fresh raspberries! I mean passionately. I once told a friend that sun-warmed raspberries, fresh from the cane, were better than sex.

So tell me about your business, who is Tracie Nichols?

I’m a change-maker and advocate for women and the earth. My business is all about serving both, usually at the same time.

I serve women by helping them unearth and live their raw, glorious Soul Truth. Part of that process involves helping them recover their intuitive relationship with the planet, the most potent source of feminine energy available. Part of it involves using my intuition to “listen” to their Soul Truth and help them develop ways of living that truth out loud (usually with lots of laughter)!

I serve the earth by listening to her and sharing her wisdom, her stories, with anyone who will listen (usually on my blog and social media) and by helping people come home again to their intuitive relationship with the planet. When we do this we tend to consider the well being of all life when making choices, so everybody wins.

What inspired you to make the decision to create your own business?

I was inspired to create my own business by the messy collision of needing to be home for my children with receiving a sacred mandate from Gaia to share her story, and my passionate belief that we were losing something essential with each woman who remained silent rather than sharing her unique wisdom. And, since I was one of those women being more silent than seen, I decided I needed to walk my talk, as they say.

Has there always been a burning desire inside you to create this, or did your business evolve from your original idea?

Having my own business was never really a dream of mine. I took a winding road to get to where I am now. In the beginning I was so unsure of myself I kept trying to legitimize my intuitive work by wrapping it up in more conventional packaging. I started as a massage therapist and an aromatherapist (still am) specializing in working with women survivors of trauma and abuse. Amazing work, but not what I knew I needed to be doing. Things kept evolving and I kept becoming more transparent about my mandate from Gaia and my conviction that women’s voices are essential to our global thriving.

What did/do you find to be the most challenging part of your business?

Bookkeeping and boundaries. Financials flummox me and numbers are so NOT my strength. In terms of boundaries, I love what I do so much that I have a hard time stopping. I can always find just one more thing… I’m guilty of working through weekends and holidays at times. Which, of course, just isn’t healthy. So I’m cultivating balance. And re-framing bookkeeping as play with numbers until I hire a VA (part of the 2013 plan).

What have you learned about yourself during the process of setting up your business?

I’ve learned that I am NOT detail oriented. Despite having been so in several jobs. When it comes to managing the enormous quantity of details involved in setting up and running my business…yikes! I need to bring extra energy and attention to detailed processes.

I’ve also learned that I can over think and over write something until it’s mind-boggling, complex, and hideously boring. I’m getting better at trusting my first thoughts.

Also, I’ve learned that I’m courageous as hell, a really good public speaker, a solid and compassionate class facilitator and I can work totally silly hours and still be in love with what I do.

What advice would you give someone considering starting their own business?

Know yourself – really well. Be willing to see the best, the worst and everything between. Especially know how you sabotage yourself and how you motivate yourself. Be clear about your resources, of all kinds. Have a support network resilient enough to handle weeping, raging, glee, questioning, frustration, giddiness, wild success and the occasional abject failure. It also helps if some of them can deliver meals on occasion. Have regular meetings with your inner wisdom. Consider forming an advisory board. I have human colleagues I call on, as well as a more-than-human advisory board.

What products and services do you provide?

I serve through Soul-Truthing sessions, Leadership Mentoring, classes and gatherings (virtual and in person), public speaking and nearly daily blog posts. You can find all of that at ( By the way, I LOVE when a lively conversation springs up under a post.

One of my favorite pages on my site is “Gifts for You”! ( where folks can find audio and PDF versions of meditations Gaia shared with me. Anyone who takes the plunge and subscribes to my newsletter receives “Alchemy from the Earth,” a collection of messages and suggested practices from Gaia.

I have also developed the “Decoding Your Wild Wisdom Guidebook” ( a guide to unlocking the timeless understanding coded into your body of how to navigate mystery, chaos, transformation and evolution. And the “With Love, From Your Element” email program ( – connecting people with their home element. Helping them stay grounded, present, focused and clear.

What is the greatest success story for your business?

The greatest success story for my business isn’t my story. It’s the stories clients tell about how their lives have changed. How they feel so much more alive and happy. How they feel like they’re finally living the truth of who they are. I LOVE my clients. I’m inspired by them every day. That’s the big, shiny success story of my business; all of the fierce, radiant women standing up and being heard, now.

The ways you can hook up with Tracie:

Facebook: (personal page) (fan page)



Is that G word getting in the way of your goals?

Is that G word getting in the way of your goals?
Where ever your guilt originates from, finding the root cause will help you uncover the reasons behind your self sabotaging methods which will effect every area of your life including reaching your goals.

You see all our memories , thoughts, feelings and emotions get all bundled up together, our conscious mind stores  all these like for like experiences together to save us the hassle of processing them. If you can imagine your brain like a huge storage unit and every time we expereince an emotion, feeling or thought that will be stored as memory in our storage facility.

So Guilt will have its own designated area, lets make it a green area where everything we experience and associate with guilt will trigger all those memories to come to the fore. I always think of my brain activity as loads of little men being called to atttention- “Come on lads, we need reinforcements, this is a case of severe guilt were dealing with” I’m guilty of using blue to highlight the colour green a moment ago and that would of triggered a response in your brain to acknowledge that. This happens instantaneus so usually you won’t notice unless you have awareness of your thought patterns.

So once the guilt trigger is activated, it could just be over a minor thing, the guilt section of your brain storage unit  gets flooded with all the memories associated with guilt, providing you with more “evidence” and “proof” why you should feel guilty. This happens with every single emotion we feel. First we have a thought then we experience a feeling then the full emotion. For a thought to turn into a feeling we must hold that  same thought for a while, then we begin feeling it . Once we feel it and hold onto that feeling it causes an emotional response in our bodies. think butterflies in your stomach, your face or neck going red,  for some people the colour drains from them, a headache – thes are the physical indicators of an emotional response.

3 clues that guilt is running your life

  1. Every time you find yourself reaching the next level of success a major life experience occurs to stop you progressing e.g illness, pregnancy, broken bones or injury
  2. Major Mummy Guilt – when you are working you feel guilty , when you are not you feel guilty
  3. Whenever you do or get something for yourself you need to justify it to yourself first

Benefits of Guilt 

  • Guilt works best to help us grow and mature when our behavior has been offensive or hurtful to others or ourselves.
  • Healthy guilt is telling us we need to do something different in order to repair relationships that are important to us
  • The feeling of guilt is trying to get our attention so that we can learn something from the experience. If we learn from our behavior, we’ll be less likely to do it again in the future.

How to change state from a negative to a more positive emotion
You just need to replace the thought with a slightly better one. If you think of your thoughts on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst you can feel) If you are feeling a 10 ( really strong negative emotion, like guilt for no reason) replace it with a feeling of 9 ( still feels bad but not as bad) then carry on replacing the thought until you’re neutral then make yourself a cup of tea and it’ll all be alright.

3 signs that you may be giving your Power Away and How to get it back

  1. Everything that happens in your life that you don’t want is someone else’s fault –  be it your parents, teachers , old boss, an ex or whoever or what ever, if you are holding on to the hurt you are giving your power to the past and allowing it to influence your present. When we blame others we are putting the responsibility of our feelings on them.
  2. You are people pleasing, putting everyone else needs first, not feeling worthy of their love or that they will accept you for who you are. Hiding your feelings and putting on a show that everything is great when inside you are falling apart. Not being true to YOU
  3. Not believing in yourself or accepting yourself. How you feel about yourself is an indicator of how much power you hold. Feel great about yourself warts and all = standing in your power. Feel C.R.A.P about yourself is an indication that you are giving your power away.


How to get it back Having boundaries in place , not walls. Having healthy boundaries comes from feeling good about ourselves “No One Can Make You Feel Bad About Yourself Without Your Permission” what thoughts came into your head when you read that sentence…………… taking responsibility for our own feelings and reactions, we can master our Ability to Respond rather react to others.

Once we have awareness of our feelings, our triggers we are in a much more powerful place. We realise we have a choice in how we feel and it up to us to decide if we want to feel good or bad.

Those who respond with anger ( something I work really hard on, as at times I’ll react without thinking when its someone I really care about, hits a sore point in me & bang I’m off, exploding over something minor, I could easily blame my parents as its a learned behaviour but in that moment its my choice) don’t want to feel the pain in their bodies so they externalise it and direct it at someone else.

The signs can be rubbing the chest or neck which is a self soothing mechanism that we do to ease the pain. Having an awareness of our behaviour and triggers helps us recognise when we are not been true to ourselves.


Lesson in Life

A wise man sat in the audience and cracked a joke. Everybody laughs like crazy. After a moment, he cracks the same joke again. This time, less people laughed. He cracked the same joke again and again. When there was no laughter in the crowd He smiled and said: You can’t laugh at the same joke again and again, but why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again ?